Memory Foam: Topper vs. Mattress

So you want to improve your overall sleeping situation, and have heard about the benefits of memory foam, such as a better night’s sleep and pain relief. After some researching, however, you conclude that a full memory foam mattress (with the highest quality memory foam in the industry) is too expensive. Nonetheless, you’d still like to try sleeping on memory foam.

Enter the memory foam mattress topper. It fits on your current mattress! It’s economical! What a great idea! You are proud of yourself, and think of your new mattress topper: “It’ll do the job, and it was way less expensive than buying a full memory foam mattress!”

The reality is less joyous: memory foam toppers may be tempting, and they might feel comfortable for a while, but from any longer-term perspective, they’re really not the wisest choice.

Think about it: memory foam toppers rely heavily on the mattress onto which they’re placed. If you’re using an older mattress with worn out springs, the topper may add comfort, but your body will not be properly supported. Not only will you not get the full benefits that memory foam can provide, you may continue to be very uncomfortable, since the mattress is simply worn-out.

Moreover, mattress toppers are also known for wearing out quickly, taking on permanent indentations and compressed areas where your body lays during the night. They also tend to shift or slide around on top of the mattress, constantly needing to be adjusted to sit properly.

Though purchasing a memory foam topper may seem like an economical idea at the time, it is usually a short term solution to sleeping on an inadequate mattress. You can expect to replace the topper, or buy a new mattress altogether, within a year. When you compare this to the 25-year lifespan that you are guaranteed with memory foam, you’ll realize that the toppers are not as cheap as they first seemed!

Here’s a comparison showing exactly why memory foam toppers fall short of their memory foam mattress cousins.

Mattress Topper Novosbed Memory Foam Mattress
Price $ $$$
Comfort Okay at first, but dependent on mattress below Excellent (and guaranteed!)
Foam Quality Highly variable 100% premium
Durability Very low High
Lifespan ~1 year 25 years
Warranty No Yes — 25 years!

In short, sleeping on a Novosbed memory foam mattress will result in a better night’s sleep — and that translates to an improved overall quality of life. Our memory foam layer is supported by both an airflow layer and a poly foam support layer, guaranteeing full support of your body’s shape. Our memory foam layer isn’t too thick or too thin, too soft or too firm — it’s a combination of years of research and quality control, which has resulted in the world’s most comfortable memory foam mattress. And it won’t break the bank. Novosbed memory foam is made using only the highest quality materials, and the newest memory foam technologies. All information regarding the densities and thicknesses of our foams is available on our website on every product page, so you know exactly what you’re buying. If you have any questions about our product, please contact us and we’ll answer any questions you may have.