Compare Gel & High-Density Memory Foam

High Density and Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Novosbed High Density Vs. Novosbed Gel

Novosbed offers two memory foam mattress collections: High Density and Gel. Both collections provide unequalled comfort and support, and cater to every shape and size, and every type of sleeper. Our High Density collection boasts unique designs and outstanding craftsmanship, and our Gel collection follows suit while providing cool comfort for active and light sleepers. And, as always, all of our mattresses come with our industry-leading warranty, trial period, and money back guarantee.

Both Novosbed collections include at least one airflow layer in each mattress. This layer keeps you cool and comfortable throughout the night, encouraging air circulation throughout the mattress as you sleep.

To show the similarities and differences between the High Density and Gel collections, we have put together a simple chart for you.

High Density
Price (Queen Size)
In US Dollars
Memory Foam Layer
Thickness and Density
Memory Foam Material
What is Memory Foam made from?
Does the Mattress have Airflow?
How long will the mattress last?
Is it hard or soft?
Sleep Trial
How long is the trial?
How long is the warranty?
Free Shipping
100% free shipping!
$879 – $999
4.1 lbs/ft3 – 5.2lbs/ft3
High Quality Polyurethane
25 years+
Soft to Medium-firm
120 Days
25 Years
$859 – $979
3.7lbs/ft3 – 4.1lbs/ft3
High Quality Polyurethane
25 years+
Soft to Medium-firm
120 Days
25 Years

Novosbed sells North America’s best memory foam mattresses on the market, at the most sensible and unrivaled prices. Our mission says it all: build the highest quality, most comfortable and durable mattresses, without exception. We offer:

After years of designing and manufacturing perfect mattresses for amazing prices, Novosbed is recognized as one of North America’s leading online mattress retailers and manufacturers. Start sleeping more comfortably, and feeling substantially better.