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Pound-for-pound and stitch-for-stitch, the Novosbed is the most affordable luxury mattress on the market.

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Take a closer look at how Novosbed compares with the materials, policies, and prices of our competition.

  Novosbed Tempur-Pedic® Online high-end brands (Loom & Leaf®, etc.) Online economy brands (Casper®, etc.)
Ultra dense foam X
Cooling System Airflow channels Chemical bathe Gel chemical spray Shallow holes
Washable Top Cover X X
Perfect Firmness Guarantee X X X
Sleep Trial 120 nights 90 nights 75-100 nights 60-100 nights
Warranty 15 years 10 years 10 years 10 years
11" or more X
Weight 103 lbs (Medium) 93 lbs 75-95 lbs 71 lbs
Free Shipping X X
Free Returns X X
Price (Queen) $999 $2500-$3200 $999-$1500 $850

Why buy from Novosbed?

We make luxury mattresses that feel better, last much longer, and cost much less than similar models from the competition. We deliver faster, support our customers better with the longest sleep trial available and patented firmness adjustment, and offer painless free returns. Long-term, all our mattresses are covered by the longest, most comprehensive warranty in the industry.


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Uncompromising design

It is the combination of ultra dense foams in the mattress core that gives the Novosbed that luxurious feeling. There was no fabric available that transferred that feeling perfectly to the sleeper, so we invented one, and the special machinery needed to manufacture it.

  • ✓ Ultra dense memory foam
  • ✓ Designer-grade fabrics
  • ✓ Made in the USA


That's why the Novosbed comes in 3 firmness levels, and can be fine-tuned with Comfort+. Every mattress has all the same great features so you can choose based on comfort.

  • ✓ Three unique firmnesses
  • ✓ Perfect firmness guarantee

Fresh thinking

It's a fact: mattresses get dirty. So it only makes sense to create a mattress top cover that is removable and washable.

  • ✓ Easy to zip on and off
  • ✓ Machine washable

Responsible design

Every year since we started in 2009, we've designed more sustainability into Novosbed. A Novosbed can last 50% longer than most other mattresses, which means you may never need to replace it. We have designed our manufacturing and delivery processes to be lean and efficient, 100% of a Novosbed can be recycled, and returned Novosbeds are donated to people who need them. "Waste" is not in our vocabulary.

What's not included

Many substances commonly used in the mattress industry can be harmful to people or the planet, so we don't use them. Instead, we use safe, more sustainable materials. Anyone who makes, uses and recycles a Novosbed can do so safely.

Perfect firmness guarantee.

We've heard it many times, "will it be too firm or too soft?" So we invented Comfort+, a layer of firming or softening foam that integrates seamlessly into your Novosbed. So stop worrying - we've fixed the biggest problem with buying a mattress online.

1. Not quite right?

Call us if your mattress isn't just right. We'll send you a Comfort+ kit to adjust the firmness of your Novosbed for free.


2. Zip on Comfort+

Remove the mattress top cover and lay the Comfort+ adjustment layer on top. Zip the Comfort+ extender to the base and then to the top cover.


3. Enjoy

Now, with Comfort+ installed, your Novosbed is softer or firmer, as needed. The whole process usually takes less than 2 minutes.

Affordable luxury.

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