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Most Common Questions



If you don't have a firmness preference, Medium offers a nice balance of plushness and support. If you're a lighter person (under 125 lb), sleep on you side and back, or prefer a softer mattress, try Soft. If you're a heavier person (over 200 lb), sleep on you stomach and back, or prefer a firmer mattress, try Firm.

Contact us if you need further assistance in determining which model is best for you.
Acceptable foundations include: adjustable bases; solid wood platform beds; horizontally slatted foundations with slats no less than 2" in width and gaps no more than 3" apart; non-flexing box springs that are in good repair; and foundations specifically designed for memory foam/latex beds.

Novosbeds can be used directly on the floor, but be cautious: mattresses placed on concrete floors, below-grade (basement) floors or on floors in humid environments can become moldy due to excessive moisture build-up. Use on the floor that results in mold voids your warranty.

Do not use a foundation made of metal wire.
Quality. We build premium mattresses with high-density foams and designer-grade textiles comparable to those made by big international brands that are up to 3x more expensive.

We also offer more than one firmness because one firmness doesn't fit all. The Novosbed is available in 3 distinct firmness levels: Soft, Medium, or Firm.
Price. Without the expensive overhead costs and middle-men, we can build comparable quality mattresses as the big name store brands you already know, but at up to a third of the price.

Additionally, we simply offer a superior experience. 120 nights to try your mattress in your own home, free delivery to your door, and no pushy salespeople.
Yes, we ship to almost anywhere in the continental USA and Canada for free. Hawaii, Alaska, California, the Canadian Territories and other remote locations may require an additional remote shipping fee.

Please contact us for rates if you think you might be in a remote location.
Novosbed is not in stores. We believe the best way to try a mattress is in the comfort of your own home, for up to 120 nights risk-free, with free shipping and free returns.
If you have ordered multiple mattresses or a Novosbed foundation, they may ship separately and have their own tracking information.

The most current shipping timelines are listed on the individual product pages.


Q: What kind of foundation can I use? Do I even need one? A: We recommend using a foundation, but you can use your Novosbed directly on the floor provided it is not on floors susceptible to moisture build-up such as a concrete floor, below-grade (basement) floor, or on a floor in a humid environment.

Acceptable foundations include: adjustable bases, solid untreated wood platform beds, horizontally slatted systems with gaps no more than 3" apart and slats no less than 2" wide, non-flexing box springs that are in good repair, foundations specifically designed for memory foam/latex beds.

For Queen, King, and California King mattresses, platform beds and slat systems require at least one center support beam. Platform beds and adjustable bases made of wired metal are not acceptable for use with your Novosbed.

Novosbed carries a Foundation that properly supports all kinds of mattresses. Please be advised, our mattresses are tested for flammability requirements on our Wood Frame Foundation only and may not be warrantied for flammability on an alternative choice.
Q: What is the size/weight of your mattress? A: There is slight variability between models with the Soft being the lightest and the Medium being the heaviest. The size and total boxed weight ranges are as follows:
38" x 75" x 11"; 46-51 lb
Twin XL:
38" x 80" x 11"; 49-58 lb
53" x 75" x 11"; 62-69 lb
60" x 80" x 11"; 75-84 lb
76" x 80" x 11"; 93-104 lb
Cal King:
72" x 84" x 11"; 93-104 lb
Q: How does your 120 Night Trial work? A: Our 120-night trial lets you try a Novosbed in the comfort of your own home, giving you a generous amount of time to make a decision on whether it's the right mattress for you. All we ask is that you try it for a minimum of 21 days as often there is an adjustment period when transitioning to a new mattress. If at any time during nights 21 to 120 you decide Novosbed is not for you, contact us, and we'll initiate a return. You'll receive a full refund, and we'll pick up your mattress for donation to a local charity or recycling facility, depending on regional restrictions.

Visit the Sleep Trial page for more information.
Q: How do the mattress models differ? A: Each Novosbed model is made with quality, high-density memory foam. Different combinations of layers and types of foam create three distinct firmness levels. All firmness options have open-cell airflow foam and a removable, machine-washable top cover.

You don't have to choose between features, choose based on comfort.

For those that prefer a plush mattress without that quicksand feel
A fine balance between support and comfort
Pressure relieving with minimal sink-in for a more supportive feel
Q: Are your mattresses in stock? A: Usually, yes.

To maintain our high quality standard we do not allow our mattresses to sit in our warehouse for extended periods of time. During times of high demand, we have occasionally experienced manufacturing delays or stock shortages, but generally these aren't longer than 5-10 days.
Q: Can I get a discount? Do you have sales? A: We clearly advertise any promotions on our site. That said, we keep our prices low year-round and don't offer substantial discounts unless ordering a high volume of mattresses. For these high-volume orders, please contact us to discuss any price breaks we may be able to offer.
Q: Do you offer a payment plan or financing? A: Yes, simply select the financing option at checkout. For US customers, financing is offered through Affirm.
Q: Does your cheaper price mean you use cheaper materials? A: Our price is not an indication of our quality. We are able to offer lower prices because we run with low overhead and we cut out the middle-men.

Rest assured our mattresses are made of the highest quality, next-generation high-density foams comparable to the expensive big name brands.
Q: Do Novosbed mattresses sleep warm? A: All foam mattresses are generally warmer than spring mattresses. Memory foam can feel slightly warmer still because of the way it forms around your body. If you've never slept on a memory foam mattress before, it can take a few nights to get used to it.

We designed our third-generation vertical airflow to keep a comfortable sleep temperature without trapping in excess heat. As you move during the night, air moves in and out of the mattress to maintain a comfortable temperature.
Q: Are your mattresses made in China? A: No, we only manufacture and source materials from Canada and the USA.

Not only is it more eco-conscious, it allows us to have stricter quality control standards, ensuring you are buying a higher quality product. All Novosbed products pass Canadian and American governmental regulatory requirements and are Certi-PUR® certified.
Q: Do your memory foam mattresses smell bad? A: Aside from a very slight initial "new mattress smell" when you first unpackage your Novosbed, our mattresses do not produce any odors. This "new mattress smell" usually dissipates within a few days and is in no way harmful.
Q: How firm are your mattresses? A: Firmness is difficult to define since firm to one person can feel different to someone else. We've designed the Novosbed Soft, Medium and Firm mattresses to best align with what people generally like in a soft, medium or firm mattresses. We're confident that when you choose a firmness, it will be right for you.
Q: How is your mattress for intimate moments? A: It can take some getting used to not having the bounce of an innerspring, but the feedback we have from our customers is quite positive.
Q: Where are your offices located? Where are your mattresses manufactured? Where are your mattresses shipped from? A: Our offices are located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. For American orders, we manufacture our foam in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and ship out of a distribution warehouse in Breinigsville, Pennsylvania.
Q: I have existing aches and pains, will a Novosbed help? A: While we don't make any medical claims, we design our memory foam mattresses to keep pressure points from forming. Making sure that you are sleeping on the correct firmness and support will be the best solution.
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Purchasing, Shipping & Delivery

Q: What should I expect on delivery day? A: It’s the day you’ve been waiting for! Your new Novosbed products are on their way and will be delivered to your building today. The drivers will leave your package(s) right at your door if they feel it’s safe to do so. In the event that delivery is not possible, the driver will attempt redelivery or will leave your package(s) at your local pick up center for you to collect at your convenience. Please remember to follow all instructions on any shipping note or delivery notice left on your door or in your mailbox. Drivers will not be able to carry your new Novosbed products up flights of stairs or to your bedroom nor will they be able to unbox your package(s) for you.
Q: Will you take my old mattress away or set up my new Novosbed? A: Novosbed ships with FedEx Ground which does not provide a removal or set up service. Our customer service team is happy to offer recommendations for these services if you require them.
Q: Will I have to pay customs, duties, or brokerage fees? A: Not at all. We ship from Pennsylvania for USA orders and Toronto for Canadian orders so your order never crosses the border.
Q: How do I unbox my Novosbed? A: Setting up your Novosbed mattress is simple:
  • Move your Novosbed to the desired room
  • Gently tip the box over to its side and slide the compressed mattress out
  • Carefully cut the outer plastic. Make sure not to cut the mattress.
  • On your bed frame or foundation, unroll and carefully cut open the remaining plastic to begin the decompression. Keep this plastic in case of a return.
Your Novosbed is ready to enjoy after just 5 minutes, but it may take up to 48 hours to fully expand

For instructions on how to assemble your Novosbed Foundation, please refer to the instructions.
Q: Where do you ship to? How long will it take to arrive? A: We ship to the United States and Canada (some remote locations may require a shipping fee). Delivery times vary by region. After ordering, we normally require 1-5 business days to process the order. There may be periods when production is delayed. Please refer to the shipping timeframes on the product pages for the most accurate information. After your order is processed, we will ship the order out and you should receive your mattress in a matter of days. The following are shipping time estimates only:

West: 4-6 business days
Mid-West: 3-5 business days
Mid-East: 2-4 business days
East: 1-3 business days

BC, AB, NS: 4-6 business days
SK, NB, PEI: 3-5 business days
MB, QC: 2-4 business days
ON: 1-2 business days
Q: What courier/service is used to ship the mattress? A: We ship with FedEx Ground. They deliver Monday - Friday during business hours. If you purchase through PayPal, we are required to ship with a "Signature Required" at all times, otherwise we will ship as instructed.
Q: Can I have my order expedited? A: Call us and we will certainly look into expedited shipping for your location. This option, however, is not included in our free shipping and may require you to cover the upgrade from FedEx Ground service.
Q: Do I have to pay taxes? Are they included in the price? A: In the United States we are required to charge state tax only in PA, where our manufacturing is located. Any applicable taxes will be reflected at checkout once your shipping address is filled out.
Q: If I buy several products, can I get a discount? A: We do offer discounts on bulk mattress purchases, please inquire with a customer service representative for further details.
Q: Are there any hidden fees? A: There are zero hidden fees. We pride ourselves on transparent, honest pricing. Other than applicable sales taxes and applicable shipping charges to certain areas, the price you see is the price you pay.
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Q: How can I clean my mattress? A: The covers on our current Novosbed models have a removable top cover that can be washed. If you're unsure if your cover is removable or if you have an older generation Novosbed model, please refer to the tags sewn into the cover or contact Novosbed Customer Care: Toll free 1-844-456-4506

Instructions for washing the removable portion of your cover: Wash the cover in cold water with a mild detergent. Do not use bleach or harsh stain removers. For optimal longevity, it's best to hang the cover to dry. Do not dryclean.
Q: Do I need a mattress cover/protector? A: If you're concerned that your mattress could be exposed to fluids or spills, Novosbed recommends the use of an all natural mattress protector. While it won't prevent accidents, it will protect your Novosbed from potential damage. If there is a high chance of a spill occurring (young children or pets), it may be worthwhile to invest in a waterproof protector with good breathability.
Q: If I do a return, do I have to get the mattress back in the box? A: Not unless you have an industrial grade compression machine in your basement. For pickups, all we ask is that you wrap up the fully expanded mattress in protective plastic so that it does not get soiled in transit, and have it on the ground floor on pickup day.
Q: What happens to my returned mattress? A: Whenever possible, returned mattresses are donated to local charities. Unfortunately we are sometimes required to dispose of returned mattresses because of regulatory requirements. We do not re-sell used products in any way.
Q: Do your mattresses require special sized sheets? A: Novosbed mattresses are 11" deep and will fit most standard depth sheets.
Q: Is there a break-in period? How long does it last? A: Foam mattresses generally require a short break-in period in which the initial stiffness of the foam is lost and the mattress becomes more responsive. The timeframe can vary from person to person, and from mattress to mattress. Generally we suggest you allow 2 to 3 weeks.
Q: How can I request a return? A: The option to return is available after 21 days have passed in your trial. If you have decided to return, simply log into your account and click the "Orders" tab. Click the "Manage" button of the relevant order. Click the "Request A Return" button and follow the instructions. You can also contact our customer care team for assistance through live chat, email, or telephone.
Q: How long is your warranty? A: We have a 15 year warranty with the first 10 years non-prorated (total coverage), and the remaining 5 years pro-rated (declining coverage based on age). Please see our Warranty page for additional information.
Q: I own a discontinued mattress. What if I have a warranty claim? A: All our mattresses are covered by a 15-year warranty. If you own a discontinued mattress (Douglas, Logan & Cove, or previous version of Novosbed) and you file a successful warranty claim, we will replace your mattress with one of comparable value. If there is no longer a mattress of comparable value available, we will provide you a refund.
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