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About Us

We live to design elegant solutions to hard problems and, by doing so, to improve people's lives in clear ways.

Sam Prochazka
Founder & CEO,

A new idea.

Buying a mattress had become one of the most confusing, time consuming, and frustrating experiences.

Sam and his team spent more than a year designing a single high-end mattress, techniques to ship it efficiently, and invented the concept of a 120-night risk free trial. In 2009, he launched Novosbed to be the first totally risk-free mattress buying experience.

Novosbed Today

Today, Novosbed has grown from a single premium mattress brand into, an online collection of highly rated sleep products.

We continue to deliver thousands of mattresses across North America each year. Our Toronto-based manufacturing partners help us produce and deliver mattresses to our Canadian customers while our US-based facilities allow us to serve our American clientele. Every day we work with dozens of engineering, manufacturing, and logistics partners across the continent to make buying, receiving, and owning a mattress easier than ever.

But we don't stand still. At our core, we are designers and inventors who exist to find elegant solutions to hard problems.

What is Novosbed?

Great product, for less

We don't cut corners to cut the price. We strive to provide a quality product at a lower price.

Customer care

We aim to deliver spectacular service to our customers from the moment they order and well beyond.

Lower eco impact

We strive to keep our mattresses out of landfills and we never use harmful materials or chemicals.

Donating mattresses to those less fortunate.

Before Novosbed, most companies sent returned mattresses to land-fills, or would re-sell them.

We decided to think differently about returns. We built a national network of charitable organizations, moving companies, and logistics partners to make returns not only incredibly easy, but also to put returned products into the hands of less fortunate people.

Since our founding in 2009, we have given thousands of mattresses to people who need them, diverting mountains of waste from landfill, and have watched our practice become the new standard in the industry.

In the press.

"... deliver[s] to your door in a snap... this is the future of mattresses."

"... A dream to sleep on ... My girlfriend and I slept like rosy little cherubs on clouds ..."

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